by people who care about American freedom and prosperity. Our Declaration of Independence says that we each possess the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Our Constitution emphasizes the need to “promote the general welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty.”

In today’s world, these great benefits heavily depend on access to affordable, abundant and reliable energy for everyone. Without enough energy our society quite literally crumbles. And yet today many people needlessly live under the burden of high energy costs.

are misinformed about energy production and consumption. The truth is often obscured by very loud messages that are based on political agendas and false narratives. As a result, our younger generation is feeling more despair and less hope for the future.

We want our young people to know that there’s good reason for optimism. There is no reason to fear for our energy future. In America we have the answer right here under feet.

we’re working to educate young people on the realities of energy production so they can separate fact from fiction and make smart choices. We promote this education freely through social media, online libraries, live events and partnerships with national student organizations. No one has to spend extra money to learn about energy from BEN.

Meet our Board of Advisors

We decided that young people are the best ones to advise us on how to reach young people. So we recruited this group of smart, motivated students to help us chart the course.

Naina Balakrishnan

Garland Mcmeans Jr. High

Shia Brown
William B. Travis High School
Richmond, Texas

Skye Kirkman

George Whittell High School
Zephyr Cove, Nevada

Ilknur Kaygusuz

Macario Garcia Middle School
Sugar Land, Texas

Sophia Morales

Chester W. Nimitz Senior High School
Houston, Texas

Katherine Nguyen

Stephen F. Austin High School
Houston, Texas

Phenil Shah

Stephen F. Austin High School
Richmond, Texas

Kevin Valenzuela

Chester W. Nimitz Senior High School
Houston, Texas

Kennedy Vital

International Business and Marketing Academy
William B. Travis High School
Richmond, Texas

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