You can be too.


Here’s what we have so far

We do as much as we can with our social media and video channels. But there’s strength in numbers and you’re the numbers. By teaming up on social we can reach way more young people with the BEN message. And it also helps you build your own following.

We need young people to represent BEN at educational events around the country. If there’s an event in your area then you may get to be the BEN Ambassador. Don’t worry — we’ll give you everything you need. We’ll also teach you how to talk about BEN and answer the most common questions.

Remember that podcast we told you about? Send us a voice memo with your message to the world about energy and prosperity in America. Include your name, grade, school, city and state. Try to keep it under 60 seconds. If it’s good (and of course it will be) we’ll play it on the show.

We periodically hold video and essay contests only for BEN members. You can win scholarship money and other prizes. Or maybe an opportunity to be a guest on The BEN Show. We’ll send you the contest topic and rules well in advance so you’ll have time to do your best work.