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We want our nation’s young people to know there’s good reason for optimism. And we want them to make smart choices about the future. Once you get it then you can help other people get.


Every Friday is BEN social media day. Post something fun and smart about energy on your favorite channel. Then tag BEN so we can all admire your work. BEN members share and promote each other’s posts to show support and advance the cause.

Be on The BEN Show

Remember that podcast we told you about? Send us a voice memo with your message to the world about energy and prosperity in America. Include your name, grade, school, city and state. Try to keep it under 60 seconds. If it’s good (and of course it will be) we’ll play it on the show.

Exclusive Contests

We periodically hold video and essay contests only for BEN members. You can win scholarship money and other prizes. We’ll send you the contest topic and rules well in advance so you’ll have time to do your best work.

More On the Way

We’re working on more benefits and ways to get involved. Like special access to great educational resources and the opportunity to lead an Energy Awareness Group. Stay tuned …

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